Ross Yeoman Personal Training

Moderation and Enjoyment


Proud to be different

Having worked in the fitness industry for 6 years, I've worked at numerous chain gym and smaller gyms. I've also worked with hundreds of clients and numerous personal trainers in this time.
I'm always looking to do things differently rather than follow the crowd.
I firmly believe in mindset and looking at the WHY's to get my clients on the right track.
Only in February 2015 did I finally take the jump into being self-employed after building up my own philosophy and business idea.


I started from a position of very poor fitness...
I remember being so embarrassed at being out of breath whilst playing 5-a-side football that I felt I needed to do something.
I took up running and the gym.
Piece by piece I built up my fitness; ten minutes became twenty, which became forty-five. I worked up from scratch to running half-marathons and have now completed three full marathons (with many stories to tell of how I got there!).
< Isle of Arran Half marathon in 2012 and yes that is red hair dye!

And beyond...

I pride myself on the RYPT name doing everything to help clients reach their goals.
I'm not "the cheapest trainer in town" and never will be, the "cheapest" and "best" never go together... 
If you want to commit to changing your life, you need to INVEST the time and effort into it.
RYPT offers numerous services to work around your busy life, not only to improve you physically but to help you mentally be at the top of your game.
Over to you...