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Moderation and Enjoyment

Why YOU Should Use The RYPT App (In 60 Seconds)...

The RYPT app allows you to workout wherever, whenever and WITH whatever equipment you have access to with the support of a fullY qualified personal trainer.

Each exercise is demonstrated (with video and text) besides every workout IS detailed WITH descriptions and hundreds of exerciseS in the database READY FOR PERSONALISATION INTO YOUR PLAN...

Never workout alone again, have a personal trainer in your pocket for a fraction of the cost of one-to-one sessions with the same accountability!


Having the app, along with Ross' workout profiles tailored to my workout preferences, means I have a very clear focus for what I need to do every time I go to the gym even when Ross isn't with me. I'm able to easily track my progress session-by-session, and because I am reminded of my previous session's stats DURING my workout I'm really driven to push that little bit harder, whether that be increasing my reps or weights each week.

Ross adds further workout programmes as I progress in my fitness which keeps things fresh and also gives me a variety of workouts I can do depending on the equipment available at that time. Each of the exercises also has a video description to help me if I'm unfamiliar with it or if I just need a refresher on form.

The best thing about the app however is how easy it is to use - its smoothness and ease of use along with the additional focus it gives me each time I visit the gym is what makes logging each session simple and worthwhile.

Dan, Trained one-to-one in 2015, now using the App