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Holidays and Training

Posted on 18 August, 2017 at 15:00

Holidays and Training

Motivate yourself after a holiday

How to use a break to your advantage


This week I returned to work after my longest spell off in recent times (7 days). Doesn’t seem like much but more than enough to know your routine off course when you consider the excesses!

It passed too quickly despite having two days of rest prior to doing travelling.

The holiday itself consisted of minimal activity (lots of walking but nothing compared to usual). It was around Scotland and taking in some of the breathtaking scenery.


The thought of training was far from my mind but I did hope it would reset my enjoyment of training.

I’ve been lucky in that I’ve not lost my cardio fitness levels despite not marathon training (albeit, I have maintained a good / consistent weekly running routine).


As frustrating as it can be, with my levels of cardio and resistance training, I don’t gain weight excessively. This should probably be seen as good thing but I go through phases of trying to gain muscle.

Extensive bouts of cardiovascular activity are contradictory to this.

My advice would be to enjoy your holiday (perhaps more so if it’s a shorter break). If your goal is weight loss, ultimately the longer term goal should allow for enjoyment too.

Doing the same thing for too long will result in boredom and deviation from the plan.

It is trying to define the level of excess. A blowout can be equally detrimental to your fitness but if you use it as a motivator then it will undoubtedly help you. In fact, I’m already thinking about my next phase of training coinciding with another break at the end.


After the break, I was pleasantly surprised that I had maintained my strength and stamina.

The day prior to returning to work, I ran 8 miles and then had a good gym session in order to get myself feeling fresher. Both scenarios resulted in above expected performance.


This is attributed to my strength and conditioning regime which has been progressively building up and even factoring in a rest.

Since returning to the gym, I intend to reboot my regime and start with higher repositions again. A change is good every once in a while and it’s true.

The last thing you want / need is a stale routine. I enjoy variety and can get bored of the gym (like anyone else). Even through using the RYPT, I’ve been able to adapt my routine and log stats at the click of a button!

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